Frequent Asked Questions

We have a created very nice page listing what you should expect with your order.

It’s important to be open-minded when looking architectural plans. By doing this, you’ll learn things you never realized. Over time, your “ideal” design will evolve and change. If you’re like most people, you’ll probably buy a property that is different from what you thought you wanted. Don’t quickly discard architectural plans. You will have a better understanding of what you want by taking a close look at many designs.

Some people spend years searching for the perfect design. Ask yourself what are features you must have and what are features you want to have. When you find a design that meets your requirements, it may not have all of your wants. Often we can work with you to close the gap.

We are constantly requesting photographs from our Customers and Designers and we do upload many new photos. If the plan you like does not have enough photos displayed, we will attempt to obtain additional photos for you.

You can achieve cost savings of up to 90% over architectural plans. It may take hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to request design from scratch. A ready-made plan saves you time and money – and can be modified to suit your needs.

Many pre-drawn plans have been previously built, and most have had the construction problems resolved. This translates into far fewer design headaches and reduced labor costs for you at the time of building your plan.

When working with a ready-made architectural plan, final cost estimates are more accurate because details, such as generating a materials list (check availability), are already taken into account. Savvy customers dedicate most of their budget towards high-quality building materials and home amenities, instead of losing the bulk of their budget to engage an expensive architect to design.

Speedy delivery of your plans – within a few days, instead of a few months, you’ll have your construction documents in hand.

We help you find a “ready-made” plan that fits your needs and provide all the architectural resources and advice you need to build, whether you’re ready to break ground tomorrow or are just beginning your building journey.

Search the largest inventory of plans available for purchase. We’ve made it simple to navigate through architectural style.

Customize any plan to suit your site, budget or any other criteria. Mix and match elements from different plans — a kitchen from one plan and a master bathroom from another. Then work with our Plan Customization service to modify a plan in a matter of days, so your final design works for you.