Launching “PNFT”, the world’s first “NFT” platform for concepts, interior design, to be the largest virtual digital architecture exhibition.

NFT audience are watching PNFT closely after announcing that it will launch the first non-fungible tokens for architectural plans, exterior and interiors designs for furnishing and decor. The marketplace for architects and interior designers is the first of its kind.

This step comes after the spread of NFT technology and BLOCKCHAIN technology over the past few years, and the major changes that the two technologies have brought by the sector of arts and culture. NFT technology, or non-fungible tokens considered as smart contracts based on BLOCKCHAIN technology, allowing users to sign by their full name and purchase unique digital assets on the internet. It has been used since launching starts to purchase all kinds of assets from emojis to artworks with ease and simplicity.

London-based PNFT is the world’s first platform where architects, interior and exterior designers are able to sell their suspended previous concepts as NFT.

Mostly the engineer and consultant submit CONCEPT to no avail if he loses the competition to design the project or if the client or the property owner is not serious about implementing CONCEPT. Therefore the idea of ​​reviving CONCEPT and selling it through NFT to the serious audience, which may be comes from markets and countries that may like it and did not think about it before the existence of the PNFT platform

Therefore, we called it PLUS NFT, which is that the cost of the CONCEPT work has already been completed, but the engineer and consultant did not benefit from it and it was in the loss records.

 CEO of the PNFT platform said that while other platforms consume a lot of energy to generate non-fungible tokens, forming an NFT token in the PNFT platform is easy as sending Whatsapp to your friend.

 CEO of (PLUS NFT base) said, “We are pleased to be part of the world’s first Architectural NFT exhibition.

The crypto currency revolution is not limited to the world of trading platforms, but also to architecture and engineering. We want the world’s architects and interior designers to take advantage of new technologies.

We believe that this virtual exhibition is an ideal platform for exchanging architectural experiences, learning from each other and selling architecture via BLOCKCHAIN technology.

He added that the exhibition provides a suitable platform for architects, interior design, developers, companies and business men on BLOCKCHAIN. It also provides investors with a direct opportunity to learn about the production and circulation of architectural works, and how this has created a ground to enhance technology, art, architecture and economy.

There is also the ownership identity right, just like in the physical world, where each virtual lot of land is associated with a unique identifier, which is used as a way to prove that you own a particular piece of virtual land.

PNFT allows any NFT to be auctioned on the platform, and acts as a decentralized market where trading is done through a smart contract. PNFT allows trading over 55 types of NFT, including exterior architectural blueprints, interior designs, furnishing designs, and decor and others.